Baseball Overview

75 years ago Carl Stotz saw that there was a gap when it came to youth sports; there was no organized youth baseball league for pre-teens.  So, with the help of George and Bert Bebble they organized what would become the first three teams in Little League: Lycoming Dairy, Lundy Lumber, and Jumbo Pretzel.  Now, 75 years later, Little League Baseball and Softball is played in over 80 countries by over 2 million children and Illinois District 13 is proud to be a part of that tradition.

Made up of 13 local leagues, Illinois District 13 serves over 8,000 youth in the Northern Illinois area with baseball programs for youth aged 4 through 18.  Whether your child has never played baseball before, or they are an elite player with years of experience, District 13 and its member leagues have a home for you and your family.  

District Wide Divisions Introduced for 2023 Season

District 13 League Presidents have decided that there would be standardization across all of the member leagues when it came to the various Baseball Divisions and the Age alignments.  Below is the approved breakdown for the 2023 season.  If you have any questions or concerns about the division alignment please speak with your League President or Player Agent as they are there to help.

Tee Ball:  League Ages 4-5

Minors:  League Ages 5-9

AAA:  League Ages  9-10

Majors:  League Ages  10-12

Intermediate:  League Ages  11-13

(Non High School) Juniors:  League Ages  13-14

Seniors: League Ages 15-16

Baseball Resources

Each season Little League International and District 13 review the playing rules and make changes to make the season as fun and interactive as possible for players, parents, leagues, managers, and coaches. Click the links below for the most current rules and rule changes.

District 13 AAA Supplemental Rules - coming soon

District 13 Majors Supplemental Rules - coming soon

District 13 Intermediate Supplemental Rules - coming soon

District 13 Juniors Supplemental Rules - coming soon

District 13 Seniors Supplemental Rules - coming soon

2023 Little League Baseball Green Rulebook Electronic and Print Editions

The Little League Baseball rulebook is available through the App Store and in Print Edition. The new eBook format, is optimized for use on all mobile devices, will feature the complete rules, along with search functionality and a new lower one time price of $1.99 per and will be updated automatically on a yearly basis. 

Little League Rule Book