ASAP Overview

Little League has always been a pioneer when it comes to ensuring that all of its participants and volunteers are safe.  Through the development of the ASAP (A Safety Awareness Plan) program Little League continues to strive to ensure that everyone involved has a safe and fun experience.

Illinois District 13 is proud of its member leagues for their tradition of receiving 100% Compliance! That means that all of our leagues are taking safety as serious as, District 13 and Little League International, is by writing comprehensive safety plans for their members.

If you would like more information on the ASAP program, or on how to complete an ASAP plan for your league please visit the links to the right.

Have questions about Safety or the Little League ASAP Program, feel free to contact our ADA - Safety.

Contact Information

Add Content..John Giertz
ADA - Safety
Illinois District 13 Little League
Email: [email protected]